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What Does That Favorite Spritz Toner Do For Your Face?

POSH natural esthetician
POSH esthetician Diana describes the benefits of spritz toner for your face

Yes, Yes.  It’s all about hydration.  As you age, your skin becomes less hydrated.

Your skin has a natural acid pH made of oils and sweat.   When you first use a cleanser, some of these oils are stripped away and change  your skin’s pH balance.  (Don’t get me wrong, a little oil is a good thing because it does help prevent bacteria build-up).   Just after finishing your cleanser, a good healthy spritz of a Toner (also known as tonique) will help you maintain a balanced pH of the skin.  Stone Crop Hydrating MistToners are also great for tightening and toning the pores. Spray your face with a good toner both day and night to give your skin the hydration it needs and to calm down the natural acidity of your skin.   For many women, they carry the toner in a spray bottle for a mid day aromatherapy refresher.

So for a perfect skincare routine, start the day with a good hydrating cleanser to balance overnight water-loss and oil production, and follow with a good spritz of your favorite toner. Toners should smell great without added fragrances or alcohol.  While your skin is still moist, apply your favorite moisturizer to assure a deep penetration.  A nice trick is to also add serums to your moisturizer for an extra potent effect.  Eminence has great serum boosters!!  Regarding exfoliation, I advise my clients to use a gentle scrub 3 times a week at night.

For skincare products, our store carries the Eminence line of organic skin care from Hungary. You will be hard pressed to find anything better on this planet.  Eminence has 10 different toners for different skin types that will revitalize, refresh and infuse your skin with nutrients.  Please come into Posh Organics and try our testers and work with our friendly knowlegable staff that can rapidly assist you in finding the correct toner for your skin’s need.

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